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    Fell is a noir style comic about detective Richard Fell, who gets transferred from the big city across the bridge to Snowtown, a shady slum, under some yet to be revealed conditions The comic brilliantly follows how Fell gradually adjusts to Snowtown and learns that maintaining the law there is quite different than what it wan in the big city Ellis ...

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    These are the tales of Richard Fell, a detective recently reassigned to the god awful city of Snowtown, where law and order seem to be completely irrelevant concepts A series of self contained tales that have a certain continuity running through them, they tell of Fells fight to impose some sort of justice system on this hopelessly degenerated place Wonderful stuff as usual from Ellis, with suitably atmospheric art by Ben Templesmith 30 Days of Night , this was actually a concept bo...

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    Eight modern noir stories revolving around Detective Fell navigating his new turf a bizarre town full of mayhem and weird creepy things Something very appealing in the construction of Fell over these eight short...

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    Warren Ellis, you re lazy f ker Every story should have end, especially the good one.Read it a couple years ago Thrilling, scary Templesmith s drawing s great.

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