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[Ebook] ↠ Get Your Motor Running  Author Rob Rosen – Go2deal.co.uk
  • ebook
  • 13 pages
  • Get Your Motor Running
  • Rob Rosen
  • English
  • 07 February 2019

Get Your Motor Running KINDLE Get Your Motor Running Author Rob Rosen Oknalubliniec.eu When Business Trips Between San Francisco And LA Become Too Tedious To Deal With, Jake Decides To Spice Things Up By Driving In The Buff He Even Picks Up A Hitchhiker, Les, And Insists That The Man Take His Clothes Off, Too Distracted By His Driving Companion, Jake Stops Paying Attention To His Driving And Winds Up Getting Pulled Over Is There Anything Two Naked Guys In A Car Can Do To Convince The Officer Not To Give Them A Ticket

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10 thoughts on “Get Your Motor Running

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    This is a short, really fun and funny story about just what the blurb says The way it s written made me laugh, and the whole situation was too ludicrous for words But the descriptions were hot, I liked what happened, and there was even a little twist at the end which made me grin 3.5 stars, really.

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    At times funny and with a light tone, this story is written well, but ultimately relied solely on the sexual element, which left me a little bored.Jake is getting tired of the endless road trips he has to take for his job Driving back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles every weekend is getting to be incredibly boring What can he do to spice up the drive a little Why, drive naked of course Partway into his trip, he s having the most fun that he s ever had and decides to pull over to help the sexy young hitchhiker who looks to be having a hard time finding a ride.Les is a musician, heading down to LA for the weekend for a gig He s quite surprised when the man who pulls over to offer him a ride is completely naked Yet, the man is attractive and he s getting desperate to get to LA, so Les agrees when the driver, Jake, points out that it is a bit awkward for him to be naked and his passenger to be fully clothed They re having a pretty good time flirting and admiring each other during the whole drive, until Jake becomes distracted by the show Les is putting on for him and speeds past a highway patrolman.Jake and Les are nervous about being pulled over naked, but it seems that the cop s day has been quite monotonous as well, and all they have to do to be on their way ...

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    This short is a little slice of erotica, following Jake as he decides that the drive to LA for business is just too boring, so he ll do it naked, just for the thrill When he picks up hitchhiker Lee, he s all too eager to join in the fun with a bit of flirting which they can t resist, leading to them stopped at the side of the road for a quick feel up Of course, the police officer stops to see if there is a problem and oh yeah, there s a problem, he s not included in the fun They head up behind some trees and while the cop watched and gives instructions, Lee and Jake perform for his, and their, pleasure.Now I m not against erotica for erotica s sake, and as a general rule I find Rob Rosen s humour quite appealing, but this one just didn t work for me Sometimes that situation with the cop can be whoa hot or eww creepy and in this case it came through as the latter for me However others may not see it that way and since the story is told only from Jake s point of view, that left me a bit distanced from the cop and what he was thinking That also meant Lee s perspective, besides being young and willing to have fun, is also missing.If that had been the end of it and Jake and Lee went off to their own lives I likely could have been relatively content, but then at the end, there is a twist that seems to stretch the boundaries of my belief I can ...

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    This shot could easily be a two shooter I really liked this short story It s my favorite of all his short stories, so far I felt it to be Jake s completely believable confession based on true accounts and a f...

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