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Its Always Somethin A Person Does Not Live To Be Eighty Eight Years Old Without Learning A Few Things, Experiencing Life, Attending The School Of Hard Knocks, And Having A Lot Of Wisdom And Advice To Share Paul Smokov Is A Husband, Dad, Grandpa, And Great Grandpa Over The Years, He Has Shared His Values, Life Lessons, And Even A Little Humor About Work Ethics, Health, Money, Learning, And Common Sense Many Of His Sayings Will Make You Think Some Will Make You Laugh Others May Even Bring A Tear To Your Eye Above All, Regardless Of Your Age, Your Profession, Or Where You Are In Life, This Book Has A Little Something For Everyone.

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    It had some great sayings, some I hadn t heard before and some that made me laugh It was a great choice for a light read and I enjoyed the pictures as well as the family history.

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