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Blue Noon (Midnighters, #3) The Darklings Will Hunt Once AgainThe Secret Hour When Time Freezes Arrives Every Night At Midnight In Bixby, Oklahoma It S A Dangerous Time, When Five Teenagers Are The Only Humans Awake And Dark Creatures Crawl Out Of The Shadows, But At Least The Midnight Hour Is Regular And PredictableUntil Suddenly, The Blue Time Comes In The Middle Of The DayThe Noise Of School Stops Cheerleaders Are Frozen In Midair, Teachers Brought To A Standstill Everything Is The Haunted Blue Color Of The Midnight HourThe Midnighters Can T Understand What S Happening, But As They Scramble For Answers, They Discover That The Walls Between The Secret Hour And Real Time Are Crumbling Soon The Dark Creatures Will Have A Chance To Feed After Centuries Of Waiting, Unless These Five Teenagers Can Find A Way To Stop ThemA Desperate Race Against Time, A Mind Blowing Mystery Of Paranormal Logic, A Tale Of Ancient Evil And Spine Chilling Sacrifice Blue Noon Is The Exhilarating Third Volume In The Midnighters Series By Acclaimed Author Scott Westerfeld

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    My only complaint about this book is that it is apparently the last of the series.Man, Westerfeld is the master, but I am mad at him for leaving Jessica, and all of the fans of the Midnighters series hanging

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    Alright, I m about to reveal the ending of this book.Go away if you haven t read the series or at least this book in the series Here we go, I m about to give you an explanation to my likes and dislikes of the story DislikesThe book isn t just the ending to their journey, but also a beginning to a new journey.Jess is trapped in the blue time, frozen during the other twenty four hours of the day, and she s the one who saved eveyone Her sister and parents are left without her Beth knows she s trapped and feels miserable without her Her parents thinks she ran away and that s a horrible way to remember your child, as a runaway.Johnathon is miserable without Jess all the time He will also age much quicker than Jess and they can t be happy together because they know this Melissa and Rex are being seperated when they re the ones who keep each other mentally sane Rex is stuck with a vegetable and a vegetable who is regaining her mind Melissa will have to deal with minds now than ever, even during the midnight hour.LikesDess is about to go into the world and introduce new Midnighters to Dessometrics Also, she won t be a fifth wheel any longer and has plenty of guys to choose from.Finally, he didn t give a real ending You can make up what you want to happen next I have a few ideas1 Dess gets a boyfriend 2 There will be a Midnighter with the ability to transports like from America to Egypt 3 Once Maddy s mind heals, she ll take care of Rex s dad and he can rejoin Melissa.4 There will be a Midnighter who can make people that are not born at midnight Midnighters, reuniting Jess and Beth.5 My favorite There will be a new midnighter that can release Jess from her prison of being trapped in the midnight hour, or can trap Johnathon in it so they can be together.6 I ve also thought of the idea and I don t like it but there s the possiblity that Johnathon may age and find someone else to love since Jess is trapped in the midnight hour.7 Dess finally figures out the midnight hour and is able to release Jess, or trap Johnathon with her.8 After Johnathon and the others are gone, Jess still stuck in the midnight hour may commit suicide.9.After Johnathon and the others are gone, Jess still stuck in the midnight hour will lead all future Midnighters.10 Rex will finally snap and turn into a creature and Melissa might have to put him down, causing herself to commit suicide.Well, I won t go on any further, even though I have a few other millon ideas But it is great to wonder about all the other characters that are going to come into play Also I love the idea of getting to choose the way I want the story to end up He could ve wrote a fourth, and I would so read it, but he didn t He left the rest to our imagination, and I like the idea of that Though I do wish I knew what he wanted to happen in the future for the characters, it s obvious that Dess will have her happy ending, but what about the other four One thing, he put alot of time and effort into this series, and I liked it, alot.

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    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHThat was my reaction to this book It was that good THAT GOOD No words can describe it GIFS for the 1st time That was me literally I LOVE YOU MR WESTERFELD YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR this is the 9th book by him I ve read The ending view spoiler JESSICA The saddest thing EVER But great ending nonetheless hide spoiler

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    Read reviews here.I guess that this book s biggest flaw is that its just a replay from the two others By that I mean that the Midnighters search, go out and investigate, live their normal life, fight the Darklings until they realize they need to stop the big problem blocking their way Surprise, this time they really need to save the world.I honestly wanted to be done with this book It dragged too long and because the story played out always in the same place, as in Bixby and its surroundings well, in this book the Midnighters actually go to another town, but it s still near Bixby , most of the things were predictable.Jessica and Johnathan were uninteresting Their relationship didn t have any spice, it was just too plain Rex, on the other side, became my favorite character I like how he is one of the only Midnighters that actually evolved through out the book Melissa, too, became less of a prick, and Dess got over her brooding.The plot was well developed, interesting, very connected to our present society and humanity s sins and clearly sending out its message but not laid out well enough as I mentioned before If only Westerfield could have gone a bit out of the box, just a little bit, given a fresher taste, than I might have enjoyed this final book Even if the description, fights and action are well written, it dragged too much.The ending could have had such a bigger impact if it had also been handled properly Many disliked the ending, which I fear I will not reveal, because it really shut things up I liked it It was dramatic, cruel, at my taste, but it didn t affect me as much as such endings usually do When you read the book, and if you ve already read it, maybe you ll get what i mean.In conclusion, a somewhat poorly executed serie final, in my opinion Repetitive and dragging It is worth reading if you want to know how the serie ends, though, and if you want to see a badass Rex.

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    I m torn between how I actually feel about this book Part of me feels like it was great but then the other part of me thought it wasn t really needed There was a point where I had gotten really annoyed with Jess and her persistent need to have everything her way There was another point at the end where I was nothing but confused Are Melissa, Johnathon, and Jess leaving Who s leaving What happened The ending was really confusing Overall, I guess it was a pretty good conclusion to the trilogy

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    In the final book of the Midnighter s trilogy, the blue time is beginning to fracture and fall apart The five Midnighters, Dess, Jonathan, Jessica, Melissa and Rex are left scrambling, trying to find out why and prevent the entire world from becoming one big darkling buffet Like the other books this one is action packed and rapid paced from the first word to the last We discover about the lore and about the old Midnighter culture in Bixby I loved the character development that has happened throughout the series and especially in this last book While the series began with Jessica, the subsequent books made the other characters just as central to the story It was an engaging read and one I m sorry is over It was so hard to put this book down and pace myself as I read SPOILER WARNING DON T READ BELOW IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE BOOKDespite how much I liked the book, however I m a little disatisfied with the ending That s why you only see four stars on this review Jessica stuck in the blue time just doesn t feel right The book even points out how quickly Jonathan and Jessica s relationship will get squicky and you re just left feeling bad for Jonathan and also for Jessica s family I don t expect all my books to end with a perfect happy ending but this one just felt wrong I didn t see the inevitability of it There are so many other ways it could have gone Also, the last line, while amusing, didn t fit the series either We end with Dess when we began with Jessica I think the series should have ended with a sentence about Jessica as well Saying it s cool to be the one who does the math just feels flip when the book could have ended on better line Westerfeld nailed the endings in all four of his Uglies series books so that s why I m critical of this one Other than that quibbling though I adored this book and the others They were fun reads nothing that was earth shattering but fun and fast.

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    My mood The characters Um, what Okay, so mostly I just wanted to smack them For the most part, they re stupid Dess is smart but makes stupid decisions annoying, frustrating, treat each other like crap, whiney ARRRGGH I got no enjoyment from reading about them.Johnathan freaked me out Seriously You think that the blue time expanding and the darklings rampaging around, killing people, would be a good thing All so that you can fly around all the time JERK.The cover Is that supposed to be Rex I can only assume He would make the most senseexcept for the fact that he has virtually no hair now Great job, design artists.The plot Confusing as all get out Nothing makes any sense We still got no answers about the darklings, origins, etc.WHY BIXBY Why on earth was that town chosen Who chose it The ending Wow view spoiler Jessica is stuck in the blue hour Dess and Rex are staying in Bixby Melissa, Johnathan, and Jessica are leaving town to go find other Midnighters The darklings are pretty much defeated And Rex is half darkling hide spoiler

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    Third and presumably final book of Midnighters Not one of Westerfeld s better books or better series This one in particular felt rushed that it did have a true actual ending The characters kept on making annoying choices rather than interesting or smart choices And the story took a long time building until it finally started rushing, so I suppose the pacing was a bit off But it was a fast read 3.5 of 5.

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    What should have been the most exciting book to get through, was actually the hardest There is so much of the story that is repetitive and predictable The plot line sorta goes normal life, whoa big revelation, normal life, scary darklings, Jessica to the rescue, discussion about previous night on and on It s like the plot points are on loop Maybe it s just because I read all three books together.

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    Hang onto anything close by because this trilogy is than meets the eye I have have a longer review on my book blog page

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