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Art Deco BOOKS Art Deco Susan A Sternau Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Art Deco Refers To A Style That Is Classical, Symmetrical, And Rectilinear A Product Of Influences As Diverse As Art Nouveau, Cubism, The Bauhaus, And The Arts Of Egypt, The Orient, Africa, And The Americas And Has Had An Astonishing Impact On The World Of Modern Design, Influencing The Styles Of Everything From Fine Art Through Buildings And Household Objects This Illuminating Volume Presents A Beautifully Illustrated History Of The Art Deco Style, From Its Early Influences To The International Heyday Of Deco Design In Art And Architecture During The 1920s And 1930s This Informative Work Offers An In Depth Look At This Century S Most Unique Art Movement With 100 Full Color And Archival Illustrations.

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