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  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Saffire
  • Sigmund Brouwer
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9780307729521

Saffire Download Saffire Author Sigmund Brouwer Go2deal.co.uk I Reminded Myself That Once You Start To Defend Someone, It S Difficult To Find A Place To Stop But I Went Ahead And Took That First Step Anyway.For President Teddy Roosevelt, Controlling The East West Passage Between Two Oceans Mattered So Much That He Orchestrated A Revolution To Control It His Command Was To Let The Dirt Fly, And For Years, The American Zone Of The Panama Canal Mesmerized The World, Working In Uneasy Co Existence With The Panamanian Aristocrats.It S In This Buffered Zone Where, In 1909, James Holt Takes That First Step To Protect A Defenseless Girl Named Saffire, Expecting A Short And Simple Search For Her Mother Instead It Draws Him Away From Safety, Into A Land Haunted By A History Of Pirates, Gold Runners, And Plantation Owners, All Leaving Behind Ghosts Of Their Interwoven Desires, Sins, And Ambitions, Ghosts That Create The Web Of Deceit And Intrigue Of A New Generation Of Revolutionary Politics It Will Also Bring Him Together With A Woman Who Will Change His Course Or Bring An End To It.A Love Story Set Within A Historical Mystery, Saffire Brings To Vibrant Life The Most Impressive And Embattled Engineering Achievement Of The Twentieth Century.

About the Author: Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund loves going to schools to get kids excited about reading, reaching roughly 80,000 students a year through his RockRoll Literacy Show.

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    officially marks as favorite historical fiction of 2016 Yes, this book was that good SETTING Everyone I conversed with about this book said the same thing the setting is so unique Initially, I had my doubts But soon after, I could sense the feelings and heartbeat of the book, which doesn t often occur The geographical locations that had once been dull and uninteresting, that I had never before given merit to, came to life in a phenomenal way I doubt any other author could have captured as beautifully or artfully So, what is this setting In short, the Panama Canal and certain Spanish districts in the surrounding areas That being said, I can t begin to describe just how Mr Brower crafted with subtle intricacy the significant details, the ordinary wonders, the beauty so often taken for granted Most of all, it s when you re looking back that you fully realize how poetic and awe striking each word, each phrase, each conversation, is I dislike political correctness, especially in novels, so I ll come right out and say what s on my mind Maybe, just maybe, we ve stereotyped Hispanic people Not Mexicans, mind you, Hispanic people see That s a stereotype in itself Everything he said about anyone ...

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    I always have been mesmerized by the building of the Panama canal 1903 1914 and this historical fictional novel brings alive this part of history that made America the leader of the world in technology, engineering, and everything else It was the beginning of the American century and the end of the Victorian domination of the world The history is almost a character in this tale with real historical figures being laced into the fictional tale of a Cowboy, John Holt, being summoned by President Rooseveldt to Panama for a delicate investigation The smokescreen was a search for the mother of Saffire, a little mulatto girl He soon discovered that it was much than that and that the animosity of different groups against each other was like a time bomb waiting to ignite a second revolution A web of deceit was spun over the canal project which increased the challenges and problems for George Washington Goethals, the US army officer and civil engineer who had to supervise the construction, administration and opening of the canal He was regarded as the three omnis Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent A remarkable man The gentle novel centers around the politi...

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    I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED RIGHT NOW Because to be honest, this book had a lot of potential But, in the end, this was a definite no for me For one, that synopsis It doesn t represent the book very well at all It labels this as a love story psshttt it s 95% mystery historical and 5% romance Also it kinda overemphasizes Saffire s influence in the book She s honestly really not even in that much of the book It also doesn t capture most of the main events of the book, which revolve around James being hired as a private investigator of sorts instead of his search for Saffire s mother which is prominent at first, but quickly fades away Also, the pacing in the book was uneven I can take a slow or a fast paced book, but I can t stand those books that inevitably drag in the middle It starts off fairly fast paced, gets super slow in the middle, and finishes off with a bit of a bang Another issue I had was the romance Like I said, there wasn t very much at all which is a good thing , but the little bit of romance that was present was utterly ridiculous, based ENTIRELY off externals It wasn t an accurate depic...

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    Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer is one of the best books I have read in 2016 Saffire is set in 1909 during Teddy Roosevelt s presidency and tells the story of James Holt who sets out to protect a young girl named Saffire as she goes out in search for her mother In her search, James and Saffire are pulled into a world of pirates, gold runners, plantations, deceit, intrigue, romance and revolutionary politics Saffire has everything you could want in a novel Saffire is fast paced, inter...

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    There s nothing like a historical novel that s chock full of history, intrigue, and wit Sigmund Brouwer is a master at this, writing a novel that ambles along at an easy pace that s as endearing as it s young namesake Quirky characters step from the shadows when you least expect it, and the humor and heroism of a cowboy from whom the story is told had me giggling whenever I wasn t sighing Amid the main plot, this cowboy s past is laced throughout a past that...

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    An intelligent mystery set during a compelling time in history, Sigmund Brouwer s Saffire is a fascinating novel Excellent first person narration and supberb setting descriptions highlight this historical mystery, as well as an invest...

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    Saffire brings to life the building of the Panama Canal and the resulting political moves that took place.I was drawn in to the novel right away by the main character James Holt and secondary character Saffire Although the novel is named after Saffire and her story has a lot to do with the action in the novel, she takes up a rather small portion of the pages I would have liked to have known about Saffire.Mr Holt is a cowboy from the Dakotas trying to make money to save his land His background as a rancher and soldier combined with his intelligence make him a worth opponent to those trying to mar his time in Panama My favorite character aside from Mr Holt and Saffire was T.B Miskimon The relationship between Holt and Miskimon was comical Miskimon, like many of the characters in the novel, was a historical figure and some of his actual reports to his colonel are in the novel Sadly, I couldn t find on the ...

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    Saffire Saffire is a really fun and mysterious book There the main character is brought to Panama Canal to do something and to have chat with General You get a good history about the time period You also get a romance and action packed What will happen to Holt There are some historical characters in the book Sigmund does a wonderful ...

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    James Holt comes to Panama in 1909 at the request of his old friend, Theodore Roosevelt, to carry out a mission that starts out as a search for the mother of Saffire, beautiful and spirited young girl with wits as sharp as a razor But the he digs, the he feels that he is getting nowhere, yet there is something beneath the surface that threatens the future of the canal and America.Jim tells the story from his point of view, and despite how the story is told through his eyes, he still keeps his cards rather close to his chest I admired his love for his daughter back home in the Dakotas, and how his rich backstory weaves its way into the story It takes a while for the book to really pick up, which is uncommon for this author, but when it picks up all the pieces and people begin to fall in place And in the end it all came together and was hard to put down.I like how Jim tells story, he calculating and cool, yet we see his doubts and vulnerabilities that he hates about himself He is a smart man, who sees his past actions with perfect clarity and owns up to his faults I liked his alertness and awareness.T.B Miskimons was probably my favorite character, a enigmatic man shrouded in mystery and who seems...

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    Saffire by Sigmund Brower is a novel that takes place in the early 1900s at the Panama Canal It was a rough and tumble place, full of seedy characters and the main character, James Holt, fits right in Formerly a cowboy in Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show, he is now a widowed father who enjoys a quiet life on a cattle ranch in the Dakotas When President Teddy Roosevelt, a longtime friend, sends him on a secret mission to Panama, he embarks on an adventure fraught with danger and intrigue Upon arriving in Panama City, he meets a young girl named Saffire, whose mother has disappeared Local authorities claim she ran away, but Saffire is not convinced and will not give up trying to find out what happened to her mother.James becomes involved in Saffire s search, trying himself to discover the details surrounding her mother s disappearance He ends up angering some of the native folks, who don t want a foreigner poking around in their business There are bar fights, gun fights, fist fights and even torture in this story I would have to say, despite a little romance between James and a local woman he meets named Raquel, that this story is one that men would enjoy than women I had a hard time following the plot at times and really didn t like all the fighting and gritty adventure Saffire is billed as Historical Christian fiction It is indeed his...

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