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The Sword in Shadow (The First Sword Chronicles #5) Dagmar Undaunted Has Returned The Gateway From Tarshish Is Opened And The Elven Army Pours Through It Into Elysion For The First Time In Three Thousand Years Dagmar Is One Of The Greatest Warlords That The World Has Ever Seen, And Her Host Is Implacable In Its Hatred Of Mankind Now, With Destiny Driving Her On, She Advances On The City Of Sanctuary, Last Citadel Of The Elven People, Bent On Uniting The Elvenkind Beneath Her Banner And Leading Them In A Last Great War Against The Race Of Men And Behind Dagmar Lurks The Shadow Of Mors Orocis, Dark God Of Tarshish, Who Waits For Only A Crack In The Armour Of The World To Wrap His Coils Around All Elysion To The South, The Divine Empire Prepares To Confront The Threat Posed By Elves And Tarshishin Alike The Goddess Silwa Returns Bearing Dire Warnings, And A Brutal Assault In The Heart Of The Capital Obliges Princess Romana To Call Upon The Services Of Miranda Callistus Once Again Dagmar Vowed Long Ago That She Would Take Command And Save Her People From Her Enemies Now, As The End Draws Near, Dagmar Is Willing To Do Anything To Fulfil That Ancient Oath, No Matter The Cost To Her, Or Those She Loves.

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