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Activity Schedules for Children With Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior (Topics in Autism) (Topics in Autism) Activity Schedules Simple, Yet Revolutionary Teaching Tools Enable Children With Autism To Accomplish Activities With Greatly Reduced Adult Supervision An Activity Schedule Is A Set Of Pictures Or Words That Cues A Child To Engage In A Sequence Of Activities When Activity Schedules Are Mastered, Children Are Self Directed And Purposeful In Their Home, School, And Leisure Activities Doing Puzzles, Interacting With Classmates, And Preparing Food With Minimal Assistance From Adults In This Book, Parents And Professionals Will Find Detailed Instructions And Examples To Help Them Activity Schedules For Children With Autism Can Be Used Successfully With Young Children, Adolescents, And Adults, Rewarding Them With Control Over Their Lives.

10 thoughts on “Activity Schedules for Children With Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior (Topics in Autism) (Topics in Autism)

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    Well grounded in research and well presented This is a good resource both for families and for schools The organization flows well, and text is an easy read which is readily absorbed as well The examples are helpful The cues and guidance suggestions are appropriate.Adult ...

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    This was a great book with clear instructions for how to help your child or student become independent through the use of a schedule The book was written in a tone that addressed parents, but as a special educator, I found it very helpful I have been doing something like this with my student, but this book really pointed out how to do it so she gets it I just have to twe...

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    This is an outstanding resource for therapists, educators, and parents of children with autism It provides detailed explanations of how to teach the use of activity schedules to foster learning and independence Every section provides examples of how to use activity schedules to teach skills at home, school, in the community, and later at work, for children of all ages and into adulthood A child can use photos ...

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    Wonderful suggestions for helping children with autism become independent as well as giving them some structure so they can make sense of their world Since those with autism are often thrown off by any schedule change, having an activity schedule of the upcoming day or week will help them to see what is in store If there are chang...

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    I wish I had read this book when my daughters were smaller and not talking very much It would have been a great help in teaching them to play and work independently At nearly twelve years old, this is something that we re still working on Highly recommend...

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    Not really fair for me to rate this one, since it didn t really pertain to my special needs child The activity schedules can be incorporated to some extent, but the entire book is geared towards children with Autism which my child does not have , so much of the information was N A for us.

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    We ve had some success with the techniques outlined in this book I imagine it would be extremely valuable to anyone with a verbally challenged autistic child.

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    This is a great resource if you re setting up a classroom or a home learning living setting for an autistic child A guide to the PECS program would also help.

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    how to enable a child with autism to become independent and learn new tasks by using a pictorial schedule.

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    very good information with examples, but not the information i was currently seeking

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