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Straight On Till Morning (Twisted Tales #8) What If Wendy First Traveled To Neverland With Captain Hook Sixteen Year Old Wendy Darling S Life Is Not What She Imagined It Would Be The Doldrums Of An Empty House After Her Brothers Have Gone To School, The Dull Parties Where Everyone Thinks She Talks Too Much, And The Fact That Her Parents Have Decided To Send Her Away To Ireland As A Governess It All Makes Her Wish Things Could Be DifferentWendy S Only Real Escape Is In Writing Down Tales Of Never Land After Nearly Meeting Her Hero, Peter Pan, Four Years Earlier, She Still Holds On To The Childhood Hope That His Magical Home Truly Exists She Also Holds On To His ShadowSo When An Opportunity To Travel To Never Land Via Pirate Ship Presents Itself, Wendy Makes A Deal With The Devil But Never Land Isn T Quite The Place She Imagined It Would Be Unexpected Dangers And Strange Foes Pop Up At Every Turn, And A Little Pixie Named Tinker Bell Seems Less Than Willing To HelpBut When Captain Hook Reveals Some Rather Permanent And Evil Plans For Never Land, It S Up To The Two Of Them To Save Peter Pan And His World

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    500 pages of twisted Peter Pan in less than a month

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    the author s writing is generally cardboard but I love Peter Pan so Here we go

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    I was not sure what to expect of this story I ve been reading all the other twisted tales and so far not one has truly disappointed me, but the premise of this one sounded a little vague and I was really curious where that would lead and what kind of story we would eventually get And I have to admit that I am impressed what has been done with this amazing tale And most of that has to do with the character Wendy Darling and how she s portrayed in this book She reminds me of myself so much, in so many ways It was therefore easy to connect with her, to feel for her and to recognise myself in her journey Because that s what this story is about Wendy s journey from Child to Adult, to the adult she WANTS to be.Along the way some of the flaws in the Peter Pan stories are fixed The most important one This book actually contains a friendship between Tinkerbell and Wendy instead of their constant jealousy and them trying to betray each other Watching them bonding, learning and growing together while exploring every part of Neverland was truly amazing.The world building of Neverland also went way beyond the original book and the Disney movie That made the Isle feel alive, but it also made the Isle feel a little from us, from everyone And it lead to some awesome adventures we never got to see in the original books and stories.Some things I liked The characters of Peter Pan being confronted with the symbolism in their own story and them denying it , Hook actually being smart and intelligent and delusional , the lesson that imagination is a powerful weapon in itself and where Wendy s story eventually ends.I can t wait for the next twisted tale

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    omg, this is so exctiting

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    Well this was certainly unexpected I thought it was just going to be princess storiesAlso you guys are really making me wait for that Cinderella retelling aren t you T_T I will be an old woman before that happens lol Still though, super excited for this one Hope there was will be an Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and maybe even a Bambi retelling that would be super neat to see But please oh please do Cinderella soon XD

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    I wondered what they d do after they ran out of Disney princess retellings if they did anything else at all I AM SO ON BOARD FOR THIS

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    I m in love with the Disney twisted tales and as soon as I heard that there is one about my favourite Disney characters I knew I had to read it I love how this whole book focuses on Wendy s self development She transforms from a house maid into an independent, strong woman despite everyone trying to silence her.Wendy has always been one of my favourite book movie characters and this book shows her from a new, never before seen angle Simply fantastic and such an easy read.

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    Can t wait for this new book I love Peter Pan Despite what some people harshly say about the Twisted Tale series, I think they re amazing I hope the series goes on

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    Straight on Till Morning A Twisted TaleBy Liz Braswell What if Wendy went to Never Land with Captain Hook Liz Braswell is back and better than ever with her latest twisted tale based on the story of Peter Pan As with all the twisted tales though, nothing is as it seems Any regular reader will know Liz Braswell is a favourite of mine for bringing the darkness to our favourite fairy tales and Straight on Till Morning is no exception Gone are the sickeningly sweet nursery scenes and Nana in a nursemaid s hat Braswell wastes no time in managing our expectations letting us know that this will not be a romantic tale of stars and pixie dust Even London s sky is choked by the clouds rather than blanketed by themIt has been 4 years since Nana tore Peter Pan shadow from his body and Wendy is frustrated and disappointed that Peter has never come to reclaim it She seems to have taken this very personally equating his abandonment of his shadow as an abandonment of her, but still keeping the shadow safe, should he change his mind I immediately thought of this as the Disney equivalent of a girl dropping a handkerchief in the hope that a boy would pick it up and they would fall in love I watch a lot of Pride Prejudice The first impression I gleamed from the tagline of this novel was that it would be a retelling of the original story, only if Captain Hook had befriended the Darling siblings first something along the lines of Michael in a bandana and Wendy hating Peter Pan rather than fawning after him However, by making the family older we see Wendy at 16 on the verge of becoming a young woman, staying home and ensuring supper is on the table whilst her brothers are educated and thus experiencing the gender stereotypes of her time Yes, some could say the original Wendy already experienced gender stereotypes in the original story with the whole squab collect firewood episode but Braswell brings the discrimination into the real world, this is Edwardian London the subject of history books, not fairy tales and so cannot be brushed off so easily Perhaps this is why Wendy writes herself as the hero in her own stories whereas others such as Captain Hook merely judge her as a bystander or as a mother figure her stories allow her to be someone she could never be in real life or could she It doesn t take long for Wendy to realise that, in Neverland and in life, she must be her own hero However, Wendy soon realises that being a hero is not the glamourous existence she imagined quite the opposite as she muses being a hero is just work boring work endless work and nothing Wendy does not embark upon her adventure alone though Braswell reignites our love and visions of Neverland by reuniting us with Hook, his crew, the lost boys, the mermaids and of course our favourite inappropriately dressed fairy Tinkerbell Tinkerbell is easily the best supporting actress in this twisted tale In my opinion no Peter Pan tale has ever given the pixie as much depth as Braswell does in this novel Her mood swings are iconic and her frustration at Wendy well it s relatable let s put it that way But by exploring Tink s relationship with other fairies and by causing Wendy to make sacrifices to save her newfound friend, Braswell causes us to reconsider Tinkerbell Maybe there is to her than pretty pixie dust after all I really appreciated how this was Wendy and Tink s story Michael, John and even Peter did not feature heavily and it gave the reader a real opportunity to see a friendship blossom between the young woman and the fairy Wendy s age meant that she was able to address the romantic tension between Tink and Peter and air the jealousy that had impacted Tinkerbell s previous perceptions of ugly Wendy My notebook always contains hundreds of thoughts when I read a book but when Wendy suggests everyone fawns over Peter when he doesn t really deserve it, I wrote FINALLY Straight on Till Morning defies all expectations of Peter Pan, pirates and swordfights yes the story includes these, of course it does However, with Peter taking a backseat Braswell is free to explore modern issues within Neverland such as feminism and societal difficulties She does so cleverly through characters such as Skipper and by using several amazing twists towards the end of the book I must admit, I saw the Smee twist coming but not the Wendy one and I LOVED it Dare I say it could even be a gateway into a Mary Poppins twisted tale

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    At the beginning i was kind of disinterested , and thought i wouldn t enjoy the book because it was a fairytale i d heard of before over and over so i thought it d just bore me to read it even if it was a retelling , but honestly when the book picked up its pace and action started to unfold , i was enjoying it There were parts where there were long descriptive paragraphs about things but that also helped me picture it in my head perfectly The only thing i found boring was the fact i had heard this story before , the original story , and the start was kind of slow paced , but other than that I loved the friendship between Wendy and Tinker Bell , and i love the message at the last few chapters about making a change in the real world and bringing attention to issues when the story is set i would ve loved if the author had shown the reactions of the family when wendy came back , but other than that it was a fun read and definitely sad it ended

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