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Bailey (Confessions, #6) Black And White Right And WrongThat S How Craig Bailey Has Always Lived His LifeThe Son Of A Fallen, Decorated Police Officer,He S Had No Choice But To Follow The RulesUntil He Met The Ultimate Bad Boyand Decided To Follow Him InsteadHenri Boudreaux Is Everything Bailey Never Knew He WantedMysterious, Sexy, And Hiding Secrets Than FriendsHe S Exactly The Kind Of Man Bailey Knows Could Break His HeartBut There S A Vulnerability To Henri That Calls To BaileyA Longing For A Connection That Bailey Is Unable To ResistAnd While Bailey Has Always Lived His Life On The Straight And Narrow, He Is Now Beginning To Understand That Falling In Love Is Never So Black And White

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    This is the 6th book in the Confessions series, but the second book about Henri and Bailey It can definitely NOT be read as a stand alone so if you haven t read the previous books yet, I strongly advise you to start reading the first book Robbie it s really good

    In this following story, we see Henri and Bailey really starting to get to know each otherthe good and the bad Especially Henri is afraid to confess all of his secrets, of all the people, he had to go and fall in love with a cop One who won t just let up

    Those walls of yours I m going to climb them And those bridges I m going to be the one who burns them down

    I do have to say that it grated on my nerves a bit, that I was reminded of the fact that Bailey was a cop officer on almost every single page I know it was a big issue in this story, but still, it felt like a bit much

    I was also a tad bit disappointed in officer Bailey to be honest I expected a bit from him when push finally came to shove Thankfully he got his head out of his ass fairly quickly

    All in all this was a very sweet read, pretty low on angst and high on the feel good vibes If you are in the mood for something sweet, sexy and fun, I highly recommend this series

    PS I wonder if I can put in a request for a story about Officer Dick 3,5 4 stars from me An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

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    That was a delicious way to end this excellent series and not anywhere near as dramatic or angsty as I was expecting.In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that, apart from one perfectly understandable moment when Bailey needed to get his head around finding out about Henri s full past, it was just a beautifully sweet and steamy exploration of what happens when two men who shouldn t work on paper just absolutely do.Gorgeously emotional at times, I loved both these men and felt their relationship was well earned and a lasting one even though it was relatively quick to cement into statements of love.Once again, though, the number of times Bailey gets called his cop by Henri was just a tad too many I will miss these boys, and the glorious Robbie, Julien and Priest ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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    THE COVERWOW Can t wait.Really.

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    ARC received from author for an honest reviewThis cover It is giving me all the Kelly Slater vibes Can t stop looking at his eyesOh yeah, Bailey s story hahaYou will need to have read Confessions Henri as Bailey starts off the morning after the night before.I just adore these two So wrong for each other on paper, but so right for each other, even if they are both fighting their own demons I think they certainly were MFEO and made to make my heart skip a beat.Their story is beautiful, funny, sexy and a little bit heart breaking too And I must say, I will never look at a set of stairs the same way ever again hahahah.I just adored everything about this book I loved seeing snippets of my favourite threesome and my Robbie always makes me smile.I am hoping there is to come in the future cough cough Sean and Zander cough cough Thank you Ms Frank for wonderful, unavailable men for me to adore.

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    How sweet it is Bailey is probably one of Ms Frank s sweetest books After I finished Henri I had no idea where Henri and Bailey s relationship would go or even if it they could work out, but I was praying I expected book 2 to be full of angst and drama Between Henri s past and Bailey s brother I was ready for a rollercoaster There were a few scenes I wish Ella would have expanded on and gone even deeper Especially with Bailey s brother Sean Other then one understandable scene, there was mininal angst There was an abundance of total sweetness and a whole bunch of spice Bailey is exactly what Henri has always needed Someone with patience, compassion and the ability to see into his heart I love these two together Broken bad boys are my Achilles heal and Henri continued to make my heart ache He has such a horrific past and doesn t see just how good he isAll he has ever wanted was someone to love and understand him He found that in Bailey Bailey is such an innately good person His words and actions made my heart swell With Henri by his side, Bailey was able to break out of his comfort zone He became confident and passionate Both guys flourished and grew together with open minds and open hearts Their story is beautiful and shows just how strong the power of love can be..

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    REVIEW 4.5 STARS I ve never had anyone make me feel the way you do There is nothing better than finishing a book and being able to sit there and just smile I mean, I smiled all the way through this book and I may have shuddered in pain for Henri and Bailey during it, but my overall feeling is absolute adoration Hands down, completely intoxicating The heartache was strong in this one and I was actually shocked at how hard it hit me Bailey and Henri have to be some of my favorite men in this series, but then again I have enjoyed them all I have fallen for the way Frank writes her men They are strong and confident, but there is a vulnerable side to them that is so sexy to read That juxtaposition works well in her books and in her stories And once again, falling head over ass into another love story she penned gave me yet another reason to marvel at her words and her smooth style of delivering a love so profound.At this point, I think it goes without saying that these books are HOT Capital H, Capital O, Capital T I could totally and completely feel the desire that was very evident between Henri and Bailey, and the fact that it caught them both by surprise, showed them both that things can be differentmy gosh, I just loved them so much Their pull was unmistakable and that was a great theme throughout both books Because, as with life, we know it gets in the way right Right And so with having this pull they can t deny, nor can they explain away, it made for a great anchor for not only the highs, but also the lows How was it possible to feel so connected to someone when you barely knew than their name There was such a masterfully laid background of their story, one with a lesson to be learned and understood Jaded mental pictures of our own worth are the worst to combat, and knowing what our sweet Henri had gone through, he deserved all the man love he could soak up I say, who better than Bailey These two were literally made for each other This book, duet really, was actually the best layout necessary for the Gruff One and Saint Bailey to learn something new about themselves and the power of a love that was unquestionable in every way This is proof that love doesn t have rules It crosses boundaries we may have set up for ourselves, but it doesn t have rules.The physical side of Frank s words were abundantly clear they were tangible Two grown men that can t take their eyes off each other the kind that have meaningful sex not just powerful sex Mind boggling desire mixed with scorching, red hot lust They just felt each other, wholly and purposefully An undeniable intensity that robbed each other of their senses.and I sigh hard when reading a love about giving in like that I love feeling like I m being swept up in this love that is just falling off the pages right along with the characters I love that their love story can be wistful and heart tugging in one moment, but bold and complicated in another It ran the gamut of emotions, but it wasn t an emotionally tiring read It just fit every pocket imaginable for me, and I really enjoyed their story so much.After waiting patiently for this second book, I can safely say that Frank delivered a worthy story I was completely caught up in their budding relationship as it grew, so waiting was a sweet form of torture, but she did not let me down I am inexorably in love with Ella Frank s writing and cannot wait for Her voice is so charismatic She possesses a strength with a heavy yet sensual side to it I get all caught up in her stories and I always hate when they end There was something to be said about being the one person another could be free with BEEPurchase Affiliate LinkENTER HERE TO WIN AN ECOPY

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    The conclusion I m so sad the series is now ended Bailey and Henri are still running the line of temporary although they both secretly harbor a wish for Henri still has a lot of secrets to share Can they survive Honestly Ella Frank writes the most beautiful M M love stories You re drawn in from the very start You want to get to know these men inside and out Her beautiful words will fill your heart up to the brim and have it overflowing I always finish her books with the biggest smile on my face These two are something special Bailey is sweet and honest and shy and just completely good He s lived his life by the law and his family values Always seeing the best in people he see s the grey areas and tries to understand them He s always played it safe but as soon a Henri burst into his life everything he s always done flies out the window He loves the feelings Henri bring out of him He embraces them They re something new and he finally feels he can be himself I just loved his journey throughout this story and the way he just opens his heart made me swoon all over the place He s just so cute I also love how he grows with confidence and how Henri brings out the best in him.Henri, Henri, Henri GAH I love him I knew from previous books i would be wow i didn t realize how much He put s out this hard man persona to the world After the rubbish upbringing he had there wasn t much of a choice But these two books really show his vulnerable side Never believing he would ever find anyone to love him he built walls that no one before Bailey was able to penetrate Not even Priest The way he was broke down and built back up just blew me away Together these two fought every step of the way Whether it was against it or for it they fought like crazy and thankfully they won Big time winners Once in a lifetime love and they were absolutely perfect.Now that s got the feels out the way the sexy times i m not gonna lie HOT HOT HOT These two certainly burned up those sheets Can we all say Stair loving woooooooo hoooooo it got hawt in here It was great seeing Priest, Julien and Robbie mixed in the story and it gave me a big smile when Henri was forced to talk to Julien What a great way to wrap them all up in a great big bow Loved the storyline Loved the words Loved the characters way than is normal for a mostly adult female to love fictional characters Loved the whole bloody series Recommend Recommend Recommend Buy buy buy Then sit back, relax and let a truly beautiful hard fought love story envelope you in a great big hug A is for Alpha B is for Books

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    Even after Henri s book ended with him and Bailey finally giving into the sizzling connection they shared, I knew there were still a few obstacles and a major point of contention to overcome, namely Henri s less than lawful past and what that means to a man who truly believes there are only two sides of every action right or wrong But as much as Bailey sees the world in nothing but blacks and whites, he can t deny the pull he feels toward the mysterious bad boy and even though it s quite clear that, on paper, Henri and Bailey don t fit together, their desire for each other s bodies, their need to feel every part of one another overpower their differences and leads them down a path together that will either build from their already established bond or keep them at odds despite how they feel These two may hardly know one another but the heart and body want what they want, and as much as Henri says he knows who and what he is, there s so much to him than he realizes so much than he accepts about himself and Bailey gives him the chance to discover all that he is and could be with him, and Henri helps Bailey as well, forcing Bailey to step outside his comfort zone and do things based on feelings and not just the law And, after some time, Bailey s good guy nature allowed him to accept Henri, faults and all, which is exactly what Henri needed and deserved As much as I thought there would be angst to sort through for these two, I m glad that there wasn t it was fitting that Henri didn t have to continue to feel inadequate once he found the man who accepted him for him, faults and all And, the way that Ella Frank had a certain Frenchman step up the way he did, looking out for one of his husband s oldest and dearest friends Henri s confessions to Bailey could have thwarted any chance of him getting his happily ever after, but, thankfully, he found a man who grew just as much as Henri did throughout their time together, and the way that he laid his heart on the line, refusing to lie, even when it would have made it easier to keep the man he had grown to love and to need than any other person in his life I m so sad to see this series end Ella Frank created such an amazing world and just as equally extraordinary characters, and while I m holding out hope that these sexy and snarky alpha males will make some appearances in other Frank stories, I m also excited to see what comes next for this multifaceted author 4.5 Poison Apples

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    4.5 starsI have been anxiously awaiting with these two We continue where we left on in Henri s book, with Henri s biggest secret haunting him.I loved these guys Henri is the mysterious, intense, charismatic man with skeletons in his closet He can be arrogant, charming, and confident, but there is to him His past makes him feel guilt, shame, regret, and has done a number on his self esteem and self worth He feels he is not good enough, but so wants to be He is used to being the guy that pushes people away or runs, but Bailey keeps drawing him in and makes him want to stay But he knows that his secrets might be too much for the good cop Bailey to handle I loved seeing Henri s vulnerability and deep need to be truly loved.Bailey is the hot cop that has caught Henri s eye and seems like his opposite He is dependable, shy, optimistic, and caring Lying is a deal breaker for him But he also has some baggage and past events have caused him pain And something in the present will rock his foundation With him and his brother being police officers, there is always stress and danger And Henri s current career has risks too.They have this intoxicating draw and intense connection, but also real fears and this big shadow hanging over them With stories of survival sometimes it is hard to determine black, white, or grey It is complicated for a man who grew up surrounded by criminals to be involved with a man of the law and still be open about all of his secrets and mistakes And a rule following man used to a clear wrong or right will be challenged to accept and process.This is a sexy, emotional, edgy, and messy opposites attract story about hope, healing, and finding that person Their relationship is about trust, taking risks, being vulnerable, sharing their deepest pain in order to find a place to feel worthy of love But it is not easy to believe in themselves, much less feel worthy of the other.I love getting bits with Priest, Julien, and Robbie I enjoy this rich and compelling Confessions world and I really do not want to leave it.

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    First you may want to read Confessions Henri before reading this I say this because this picks up where that ends but also the characters and references to past things will make sense It also lets you see that this is not a instalove deal They have a build up to this point.Bailey is the happy, calming presence for everyone He has his doubts and confusion but keeps them hidden He is what everyone needs a calm presence He is smart and kind He believes in Henri and doesn t hold people s past against them He sees that things aren t always black and white but shades of grey He is great at reading people and believing in the good in others He is honest and just a genuinely good guy.Henri is the brash bad boy who has had a tough upbringing with Priest and doesn t believe he is good It is Bailey who has him see he is and he is worth it Henri is harder to read but he is what Bailey needs He is supportive and real He helps Bailey open up and believe in himself but also helps Bailey find his voice with others Henri is on the side of good even when he thinks he isn t The case he is on puts him in danger and he is awesome in his dealings and you see how much of a bad boy he is His don t care attitude hides the pain inside and his kind side as well that we see come out with Bailey Him and Bailey are perfect together They support, respect and believe in one another Favorite scene though for me isn t one with him and Bailey but Henri and Julien That was just wonderfully written and you gain so much perspective and respect for these two and their complicated relationship Julien is just what Henri needed at that moment and we take away so much in that scene the story is full of entertaining moments, sexy times, family and love The attraction is instant but the relationship isn t They build it up and learn about one another They confess things to each other and Henri sees that Bailey is there for him no matter what Bailey sees Henri understands and is there for him as well Neither judge the other but supports and believes They build each other up and don t tear one another down they are partners in every way It s a beautiful and at times heartwrenching story but so worth the read..

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