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The Fifth Queen Crowned Excerpt The Cornet Answered Having Got Out The Packet Of The Queen S Letter, He Girded Up His Belt Again 505 You Will Get You Ready To Ride With Me, He Said To Mary Hall For I Will Not Be In These Marshes After Nightfall, But Will Sleep At Shrimpton Inn He Looked Around Him And Adde

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    Ford almost gets his act fully together in the last of the Fifth Queen trilogy, which covers the rise, fall and death of Katharine Howard, Henry VIII s fifth and in this version favorite queen The emotional level reaches a wrenching peak at times, the physical detail is stunning and intensely visual, the sense of time and place superb Yet the speechifying can get bloody tedious, especially with Katharine will she ever shut up The main problem with Katharine, actually, is that Ford paints her as almost impossibly decent and purely motivated while being one hot young momma Henry, by contrast, has an explosive, contradictory yet somehow coherent character that s far human Many of the other characters, even when interesting, don t develop much or learn a lot from experience One who was oddly effective in the second volume is gone by the third Cromwell Privy Seal the most powerful advisor in the...

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    And the gold medal in carrying grudges goes to the lady Mary Honestly, she sometime comes across as so unreasonable that it s plain annoying Except when it comes to Throckmorton, then she is the voice of reason, and queen Katharine is incredibly stubborn and naive.Even though I know how this story is going to end, the last chapters of th...

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    This book from Ford Madox didn t get really good for me until near the demise of Queen Katherine This disappointed me.

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