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Hiring the Heavens In Hiring The Heavens, Jean Slatter Turns Abstract Expressions, Such As God Is Within You And Ask And You Shall Receive Into Something Concrete, Immediate And Real She Suggests Readers Recognize Themselves As Part Of The Divine Plan Of Creation And Teaches Them To Simply Believe That The Angels For Hire Can Help Them Solve Problems, Both Small Jewel Sleuth To Find Missing Pearls Or Spiritual Connoisseur To Find A Great Restaurant And Large Romance Committee Or Spiritual Employment Counselor While Written In A Light Hearted Style, The Book Is Based On The Serious Concept That Everyone Is Part Of God And That, Like Parents, God Expects Everyone At Some Point To Grow Up Spiritually And Take Charge, And That The Heavens Will Support The Process If Called Upon Using Personal Stories And Real World Examples, Slatter Shows How She Transformed Her Life By Hiring The Heavens And How The Reader Can, Too.

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    This little book instructs us how to make our lives easier by enlisting the invaluable help of the spirits of creation We learn how to ask these spiritual beings to help us with both small, everyday matters and larger projects anything and everything.The book is well written and inspiring The author, Jean Slatter, gives us access to the Universal Yellow Pages The hardest thing for me about this method was finding the best, most relevant names for the beings from whom I require help However, Jean assures us that we don t need to worry about the nomenclature we use the beings will understand what we mean.Worksheets are provided at the back of the book on which to fill in the names of the committees and committee members we need.Jean recounts many amusing stories of how she and her clients received help.She holds imaginary staff meetings in her car on the way to work, telling them of her intentions for the day After hiring a spiritual secretary, marketing rep and bookkeeper, her practice flourished.I myself have a sp...

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    This book was recommended on a Law of Attraction call I listened to on Thursday night Just from searching inside the book on I learned enough to begin working with these concepts On Friday I bought the eb...

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    This is an extremely fast read I am a slow reader and finished it in no than 90 minutes But it s incredibly life affirming I found myself and a friend in a very tough situation this week, and I was sure that I needed to help my friend without knowing how Within twelve hours, I heard about this book and I knew I needed to check it out This book aff...

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    This book was a very inspirational read that I needed at the current time in my life When one finds themselves in the mists of a storm in their life we tend to turn toward any kind of spiritual guidance to help us through the turmoil we are experiencing I have always believed in Angels and one as always walked with me and guided me This short read was a nice confirmation that my mind was not im...

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    Very inspirational and creative, expanding on Napoleon Hill s technique, but with its own twists It adds spice to the process of goal getting and does generate new ideas to explore The assumption on which the book is based is also nice to have, that beyond what our senses can capture, there ...

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    I have read many new age books and books about the Law of Attraction, but this book really puts the idea of getting help from the Universe into a new perspective It s simple, easy to understand, and it really works for me when I think of hiring Spiritual guides to help me with various tasks I woul...

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    Beware my dear children of God, this is messing with demons As in Biblical teaching Satan will come as an angel of light These are not angels Find Jesus and cast them out in his name Do not be fooled Only God our Lord Savior can give us what we NEED.

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    Good ideas here.

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    Amazing This book is truly amazing It has helped me enjoy asking for help when I need it And when I ask, I receive I am so thankful to the heavens Who knew

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